Welcome: Jessica Snider, Athletic Trainer

Our Anniston Orthopaedic Associates family is growing again! We are proud to introduce our newest Athletic Trainer, Jessica Snider. Jessica is a graduate of Mandarin High School in Jacksonville, Florida and graduate of Florida State University where she earned her Bachelor's degree in Athletic Training. Following graduation, Jessica earned a Master's degree in Sports Management from Jacksonville State University, and she has served as an athletic trainer since 2014.

Jessica and the Munford Mascot

Jessica grew up playing sports and understands the significance of staying healthy and, when necessary, recovering well. But it's much more than just teaching good habits, taping injuries and icing what hurts. "The opportunity to accompany athletes throughout their entire journey, from high school to college or even professional levels, witnessing their triumphs and supporting them during challenging times like injuries, is a uniquely fulfilling and unparalleled role, in my eyes," Jessica says. "The most gratifying aspect of my role is forging meaningful connections with teams, individual athletes, coaches, and parents."

Regrettably, Jessica admits that it's not all sunshine and rainbows in the world of athletic training. "Communicating unfortunate news to athletes is undoubedly my least favorite aspect of the job," she says. "However, it is essential to provide honest and supportive guidance during such times to ensure the their well-being and recovery."

Assisting a player on the sidelines at a football game

When speaking with Jessica, her commitment, dedication and love for her career and all it brings is quite apparent. But she is more than just an Athletic Trainer. She also proudly bears the title of wife and mom, and the job of Athletic Trainer is one that often provides its share of conflict with those two titles, based on its hours of operation--typically when many moms are arriving home from work and settling into all the things that happen between "quitting time" at work and "bed time" at home. For an Athletic Trainer, work is just beginning after school and into the evening. Jessica says that, for their family, sports is a family affair. "In my household, high school sports are a significant part of our lives. My husband is also involved in coaching football and baseball, which makes both of us well-aquainted with seasonal schedules," says Jessica. "Despite the challenges, it is rewarding to see my kids taking an interest in sports. My daughter even considers herself my tiny assistant--always ready to provide a bandaid when needed! I love that my kids get to see their mom do something that she is passionate about."

Jessica and her husband, working side-by-side

Jessica has been on the sidelines each week at Munford High School for the past 7 years. Four years ago, her husband joined her there, as a coach. This set up a "unique and rewarding dynamic," according to Jessica, and while she says she will miss working alongside him, she is excited about the opportunities that come in her new role at AOA. "Anniston Orthopaedics stands out as an exceptional organization, both in terms of its professional reputation and personal connections. The opportunity to be part of their team felt like a perfect fit for my career aspirations. Moreover, having it located in my hometown adds to the sense of familiarity and comfort. The warm welcome from the doctors and staff has been inspiring, and I am eager to make a positive impact as I embark on this new chapter."

Welcome, Jessica, to the Anniston Orthopaedic family! We are thrilled you are here!



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