AOA Celebrates One Year in Roanoke

In the earliest part of the year in 2022, Anniston Orthopaedic Associates began the process of trying to determine if there was a need for a satellite clinic in Randolph County. All of our orthopaedic surgeons see patients from Roanoke, Wadley, Wedowee, and other rural communities to the south of our Anniston location, but the question was not if we had patients from that area, but rather if we would be helping all patients--new and current--to obtain orthopaedic care they might not otherwise have had access to.

After careful consideration, the decision was made to give it a try. Dr. Michael Wiedmer and Dr. Gordon Hardy decided to see patients at the new location. On May 20, 2022, the first clinic was held at RMC Roanoke. In the weeks that followed, we made several trips to Roanoke to spread the word about this once-a-month clinic. On one trip, Anniston Orthopaedic Director of Marketing, Katie Edwards, recalls a moment when the need for the clinic became clear to her. "I was visiting the Senior Center in Wedowee. There was a man who did not know the purpose for my visit, but had an appointment with Dr. Gordon Hardy coming up soon, and was extremely anxious about making the trip to Anniston. When I told him that we were coming to Roanoke that very next week, he had tears in his eyes. We moved his appointment and his relief was palpable."

2022 Ribbon Cutting at RMC Roanoke Clinic

This man represents hundreds of patients who have been treated over the past year. Cindy Spivey, Office Manager for the RMC Roanoke Clinic, says the difference that Anniston Orthopaedic's presence makes isn't just treating fractures, sprains and joints. "These illnesses or injuries may affect a person's family and economic stability," says Spivey. "Without you all, these patients would have to commute further, wait longer, and delay care for their ortho specialist needs. You all enhance lives and improve outcomes by being here. You are the good in healthcare. Our staff and our patients are grateful for you serving in our community."

It has been the privilege of Anniston Orthopaedic Associates to offer healthcare to our friends in Randolph County, a little closer to their homes.  

All appointments can be made by calling our Anniston location at 256-236-4121.



Anniston Orthopaedic Associates, P.A., is conveniently located in the Tyler Center on the campus of Northeast Alabama Regional Medical Center.  Our office is on the third floorwith easy access to the parking deck attached to the north side of the building.

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